antennas to heaven

Everything started over two years ago, I was talking to one of my friends who mentioned a big radio mast that is not far from his summer house and he was curious if I ever tried to climb it. To be perfectly honest I didn't even know that the mast even exists and lucky enough it's located only around 25 miles from my home town. Of course it made me eager to try. I did some research online, to find out that it's actually the third tallest structure in Poland (same in UK) with the pinnacle height of 1135f (346m).

My excitement was gradually growing. Soon after I mentioned it to friends, and I knew that one day we would climb it.

Some time ago we went to check it during the day, and it looked very promising and we booked flights back straight away.

A week before the journey I spent every day on checking the weather, my biggest worry was a sudden, spring thunder storm, we get them quite often in that area this time a year.

And finally we were there (three of us), standing on the bottom of 346m guyed giant. It was just a very long, exhausting way up. It took me about 90-100 minutes to climb it, my friend has reached the top about 30 minutes before me (surprise surprise :) ). I must admit, for me it was a nightmare, physically I wasn't prepared to climb something that tall at all. I don't even have much experience in climbing masts - all I ever climbed was disused Kelvedon mast ages ago, but it was a tiny one (90-100m) comparing to this one.

So you can only imagine how proud I felt when I eventually found myself on the top of it. Well not exactly the top - we stopped at the second level from the top avoiding big TV antenna with a ladder going right through it.

I wish I could say that the view was breathtaking - it wasn't at all. We were surrounded by never ending fields and woods. Funny enough I couldn't really tell how high we are, mostly because there was nothing around. Totally different than climbing buildings or cranes in the city.

We didn't spend much time on the top, we took some pictures and climbed down. And that's it. After two years of knowing about this mast I finally managed to do it. I don't think I will ever climb something that tall in my life again.

Some pictures as you can see it wasn't that much about the view.

Antenna on the top

Way down

The structure

As I said before, we stopped climbing on the bottom of the TV antenna (80kW). Mast is still in use and we weren't sure if the top antenna still works or not. While climbing up I stopped on the level with huge telecom drums around it, trying to get some rest there. Soon after I started feeling a bit dizzy, I think it was a placebo effect but I didn't really want to check :) I was tired too so maybe it was it.

And when it comes to my climbing technique - there is no technique at all, the fact that I never give made it possible for me. Whole thing left me in pain and covered in bruises.

Climbing this mast, with no doubts, is a huge achievement for me, I was well proud of myself after and extremely exhausted..

Thank you guys for being there!

Enjoy ^^