climbing 400 kV Thames Crossing

It is the tallest steel structure I climbed so far. It was a security nightmare - electrified fence, pylon's legs covered in the barb wire, CCTV cameras. It looked well secured, and access wasn't straightforward.

Some info: The 400 kV Thames Crossing is an overhead power line crossing of the River Thames, between Greenhithe Marshes in Swanscombe, Kent, and West Thurrock, Essex, England. Its towers are the tallest electricity pylons in the UK. The present crossing was built in 1965, and comprises two 190-metre (623 feet) tall lattice towers either side of the Thames. Some suggest that the choice of this height was deliberate, being just taller than the BT Tower in London. The span is 1372 metres (4501 feet), the minimum height of the conductors over the river is 76 metres (249 feet). Each tower has three crossarms and carries two circuits of 400 kV three-phase AC.

We decided to meet up at my place before we headed to Dartford. After a few beers that we had while sitting on the side of the Brooklands Race truck we were ready to try to climb the tallest electricity pylon in UK.

The first part of the climb was rather stressful, we had to avoid 4 CCTV cameras and get over electrified fence. When we managed to climb the first, worst part rest was rather easy. All long ladders up to the top.

The views from the penultimate level weren't much different to the lower levels, but we sort of expected that. It was more about achieving something and that night we did, climbed one of the tallest structures in UK.

Twin pylon on the other side of the river Thames.

Unfortunately the very top platform was padlocked...

The pylon's structure is impressive. Everything is huge there:

one of the side platforms:

It was another amazing night. After the first nervous bit of a climb we could relax and admire the place. The night was a bit chilly, but not windy, and red lights everywhere made it even more magical... Absolutely loved it!