Gothic climb

Climbing this Gothic church roof was a part of my crazy weekend in Poland. We spent two amazing days ( or rather nights) exploring Lodz and Warsaw. I met up with Mr Yellow, Miss Ochre and Miss Magic Mint in Warsaw first. We started the night in one of the old town restaurant, had something to eat and drink before we hit the city. And St. John's Archcathedral was the first place we went to check.

Some info : St. John's Archcathedral in Warsaw (Polish: Archikatedra św. Jana w Warszawie) is a Catholic church in Warsaw's Old Town. St. John's stands immediately adjacent to Warsaw's Jesuit church, and is one of the oldest churches in the city and the main church of the Warsaw archdioscece. It is one of three cathedrals in Warsaw, but the only one which is also an archcathedral. St. John's Archcathedral is one of Poland's national pantheons. Along with the city, the church has been listed by UNESCO as of cultural.

I must say that I've never climbed something so difficult before. And it's not about the scale of it. The roof itself it's not really high. But I am used to climbing ladders - caged or not but still ladders. The way up looked really ridiculous.

Miss Ochre :

And climb itself was well risky, with every step I felt more sick inside. All I had to hold on to was some small steel loops attached to the wall. Some of them were even moving slightly.. I was shaking when I got to the top. But well I made it, even if I didn't take any proper shots sitting on the of the roof.

Climbing down was even worse, and I was very glad when I finally reached the bottom roof level.

We had a pretty amazing night in Warsaw... One of these trips that I would never forget :) Great company, amazing places and loads of good memories..

pic by Miss Ochre