Climbing in Lodz

There are not many places to climb in Lodz, there are hardly any skyscrapers in the centre. Lodz is an industrial city, once known as a city of chimneys. I managed to climb one of the water towers there, tried but failed to climbed a nearby chimney...

Cooling Tower Climb

EC-2 Heat and Power Station is one of the most visible landmark in Lodz. Located right by Polytechnic of Lodz, fairly close to the centre. It's the oldest still operating Heat Power Station in the city, opened in 1958.

I checked the access while looking for some bunkers in the nearby park with Miss #663333. And it looked very promising Then after few weeks I went to Lodz again, excited that I will finally climb it. In the meantime I read some news about the whole power station being decommissioned, so wasn't really expecting any security on site...

Whole power station was lit up, and didn't look like disused at all. I quickly started climbing the ladder, passing some rusty small platform, which was basically hanging on 2 screws. While climbing up I realised that instead of the ladder being vertical it started to have a reverse incline. First I thought that it was just the illusion but no, it actually wasn't, and I must say I found this really hard to climb. And I felt really tired when I finally got to the top...

And again proud of myself started taking pictures of the inside of the tower, power plant, chimneys and surrounding area. After few minutes I saw a security guy who actually was standing right at the bottom of the tower by some building.. Ooops I was well suprised . Hiding behind the rusty barrier I tried my best to see if he is actually looking up. Luckily he wasn't , he was just doing his route, and later I noticed that he does it every 25 minutes. So how lucky it was, cause I wasn't even bothered to check if there is anyone on site before climbing the ladder.

My pics aren't great cause after 10 minutes, it started raining.

Power Station EC 2

Politechniki Street

St Marys Assumptions Church Tower

It was a lucky night although it took ages to wait for a good moment to get onto the scaffold. Never seen that many noisy neighbours before. Also never climbed the worst scaffold in my life. Everything was moving there, it didn't feel safe at all. We spent some time on the top, right next to the one of renovated towers. My pictures didn't turned out too good, mostly because too high ISO setting.

Some history:

The St. Mary's Assumption's Church in the Old Town was built where the first Catholic church in Lodz was originally located. The construction plans were signed in 1887, and the work commenced a year later. The old wooden church, which for generations stood at the Zgierska Street site, was transferred to the old Christian cemetery on Ogrodowa Street near the gate of Izrael Poznanski's factory. The old church is still there and is dedicated to St. Joseph. Construction of the new church began at the square, which was already named Plac Koscielny. The neo-Gothic church was designed by architect Konstanty Wojciechowski.

It was a three-nave basilica of non-plastered red brick. This kind of church architecture was common at that time because it carried a certain Polish national pride. The facade with two towers creates a stately impression.The church was finished in 1897. Its construction was supported by the city's industrialists and represented the unique multicultural forces that built Lodz. The Scheiblers, a Protestant family, donated 15,000 rubles; Juliusz Kunitzer, also a Protestant, gave the Catholic community 2,000 rubles. The Jewish industrialist Izrael Poznanski financed the flooring. And thus, the first neo-Gothic church in Lodz overlooked the Old Town, an area that curiously was mostly Jewish. During the Second World War the church became a part of the ghetto.

Here are some pics: