A Big Chamber Lodz

This place is actually called "Big Chamber", probably because it

s actually the biggest chamber in Lodz

s sewers system. The visit was a part of our two days trip to Poland with Miss Ochre, Mr. Yellow and Miss Magic Mint. We met up with Mr. White and because it was still a bit too early to start our draining adventure, we went to check out one of small air raid shelter first. A few beers later we were on our way to see this amazing place. The way in was rather obvious,

and to be honest I would have never expected to see enormous chamber hiding just 50m from there.

My pictures don

t actually show the size of this place.

It looked truly beautiful inside, we spent there ages taking photos and chilling out. Amazing experience. After some time we split, I left the chamber with Mr. White and waited for Mr. Yellow outside. We meant to check out one more chamber this evening. We sorted out our meeting point with Miss Ochre and Miss MAgic Mint and carried on.