River lodka Sewer lodz

River Lodka is another Lodz's forgotten rivers. It runs for miles, hidden under the city. During my next visit in Lodz we managed to see one part of it, running under the centre of the city. I went there with Miss #663333 and one of my favourite explorers - Mr. White. I've known Mr. White for some time already, and he always amuses me with his knowledge about Lodz's sewage system. Nearly every week he sends me something new, new places, mostly underground, he is currently researching. And it pays off a big time.

I couldn't wait to see this part of the system, me and Miss #663333 were so looking forward to another trip in the sewers.

And we weren't disappointed! Place looked really interesting, with a different sections - brick and newer, concrete ones. Also access wasn't that obvious, I wasn't surprised that it Mr. White ages to finally find it.

Unfortunately some weeks after our visit I've lost most of my pics taken there...

Here is the only one I found, of Miss #663333 standing by one of the junctions.

Two pics by courtesy of Mr. White

newer, concrete part:

I am still hoping to get mine back...

An interesting fact - Agnieszka Holland Academy Award Nominee 2012 movie ‘In Darkness' was filmed in this sewer (In Darkness (2011 film)), I've seen it, its brilliant, The New York Times called In Darkness "suspenseful, horrifying and at times intensely moving [...] touching, warm and dramatically satisfying" I can't agree more. There are still some film decorations left... Pic from the set:

After this visit I was looking forward to see more and more of Lodz's sewage system. A few month later I met up with Mr. White again and this time he had something really special to show us.