William Lindley Chamber Lodz

The William Lindley chamber was built around 1925. It's located right below one of the Lodz's busiest train stations. We had a choice of an easy or a hard route in. I was opting for the easy one of course. We chose the hard one in the end.. And it was pretty grim down there, we had to bend and walk like that quite a long distance. With short breaks to take some photos. Finally we got to the chamber.

The small corridor on the top level leads to a small section with some amazing plagues on the walls.

Memorial plagues ( in memory of some sewer/waterworks workers that died during the system renovation works in 1950's) and also a very rare spiral staircase.

Staircase leads to a stunning lid - that looks a bit like a tulip when open.

Again we spent there time admiring beautiful brickwork. Mr. White and Miss Magic Mint joined us soon after, using the easy way in (although they both experienced the hard route before :)

It was late evening when we finally got back home. It took us 30 mins to change and we hit town again. We decided to have just one Mad Dogs shot in one of the bar, where we were having dinner. And somehow we didn't stop until 4 am, I nearly missed my plane next morning. It was a top night - drinking, gossiping and dancing, moving from one club to the other, I hardly remember the last one. Good times...