sewage Collector I B Lodz

Lodz used to be called "Promised Land", a big city, right in the centre of Poland, once an industrial queen, now grey, sad but still with it's unique atmosphere. City that was built by four different cultures - Poles, Jews, Germans and Russians, with 500 factories in its glory. City that was also called "city of chimneys". But not many people know about how amazing is the drain system in Lodz. There are 18 invisible rivers that run under the city, lost rivers of Lodz. The sewage system designed by English engineer William Heerlein Lindley in 1908, built in 1920's.

It was the first of the amazing Lodz sewer system I visited. We went there with Miss #663333 on one, hot, summer day. It was the first drain venture for Miss #663333, although for me it was something new too, I only did one drain before - Lost River Fleet in Ldn. After some time we were completely lost, the map was showing the entrance by some blocks of flat were we couldn't find anything. With some previous experience I've already known that the best source of information are the locals. We didn't have any problems with finding them, three jolly looking guys, drinking some cheap beers in local park turned out to be more than helpful. They gave us directions, also were a bit concerned or maybe just drunk and asked us if we had our gas mask to wear in the sewers. I tried not to laugh, ensured them that we will be very careful and off we went. We found the access, I went in first, leaving Miss #663333 outside looking a bit scared and unsure about whole thing. Well it was the first sewer for her… So first we decided that she would wait for me outside. But then after like few minutes inside I heard a little noise behind me and yes it was Miss #663333 getting in her first sewer

It was a relatively dry walkway inside.

The Sewage Collector 1B runs right next to river Jasien. None of the rivers in Lodz is more famous than Jasień. It is actually a small stream now, which takes most of its course in the sewers. But during the industrial growth of the city it fueled numerous of cotton mills.

Deeper inside we found a junction.

And another one - my favourite part and we even managed to lit it up well.

On our way back we took some more shots. Bricks looked particularly pretty, when we were getting to the our access point.

We pulled up the grate again and we were out, happy that we managed to find it and spend really good time walking inside one of most famous Lodz's sewers.

I remember Miss #663333 asking me if the sewer was safe for us, I ensured her that it was, but later on we found pic online showing it during the heavy rain. Oh well, we were lucky there, no sign of rain during the hot summer day...