soho square air raid shelter

I walked past Soho Square so many times and I've never known about the shelter existence until an article in certain newspaper that stated the fact that the place was recently placed up for sale. It was interesting enough and made us go to check it out one night.

I expected something smaller but it's actually quite big – 32,000sq ft in size. There are four rooms and an emergency exit, which comes up into a mock Tudor building in the middle of the Gardens.


It was built in 1939 under the Gardens in Soho Square. Its now up for sale with an asking price of £175,000The shelter was one of dozens hastily built across central London after the outbreak of war in 1939. Leslie Hardcastle, president of the Soho Society, said he recalls spending the night in the shelter several times during the war.

There wasn't much to see inside, no equipment left etc.

All together it made a nice, chilled out explore. And again it was good to see something new in Ldn.