burlington bunker corsham

It was one of the lazy weekends when we decided to spend all day in, chilling out and watching movies. Everything was going according to the plan until a text from a very good friend mentioning Burlington being open again.

We cut down time spent in Ldn that night and headed towards Wiltshire early in the morning. We expected the access to be hard enough, but after a lot of squeezing through and descending down the shaft I was more than exhausted. We spent ages walking around and I don’t think we even managed to see 1/4 of whole place. But what we explored was really mind blowing.

Here is a bit of history (more online)

Burlington bunker is a former emergency relocation site in Corsham, Wiltshire. The old stone quarry was acquired by the Ministry of Aircraft Production, in 1940, in order to create an underground factory, which has since been known by several different codenames, including Subterfuge and Site 3. However the site was subsequently passed onto the Ministry of the Defence, when it became the main ‘Emergency Government Headquarters’, with quarters created for the Prime Minister and their family. Fascinating to visit, the bunker was only declassified in 2004.

I found the place truly fascinating. It has been explored many times before, but still it is so worth visiting. It’s also half stripped now, many original equipment is missing now. We’ve lost the track of time down there, after abseiling back is was already dark outside.

Another great day this time.

Some more pics: