mail and rail

Mail Rail is one of the most hidden gems of Ldn. Seen by a few, desired by most. We kept coming back to it, trying different approaches. And one night we succeeded.

The first impression was overwhelming. A perfect mixture of fear, adrenaline, excitement and happiness. Just like some sort of magic potion. And yes this place is certainly phenomenal.

We walked from the station to station, trying to avoid cameras.

Signs of workers were everywhere, paper coffee cups, pastries bags, we even found visitors book with very recent logs in. I must admit that I was very nervous there, we walked for miles, staying alert all the time. My adrenaline was on the such a high level, that at some point I wasn’t even able to do my shoe laces, I was just shaking so much. Now when I am thinking about our trip I could have taken more pictures ( actually it happens to me everywhere I go ). Or taken better ones.

Most trains are lined up now, close to the stations.

There were also new cameras installed in the tunnels.

We managed to see something very special, for me it was the first, unforgettable visit. Mail Rail is an outstanding place. I wish I could visit it again, maybe some day... We got back home exhausted, but still so excited that even after a sleepless night, I still couldn't sleep for the next 12 hours. Absolutely loved it. And after months spent on researching, we finally made it happening...

Thank you..