Strand Utility Tunnel

Hidden under Kingsway and Strand, shaped as a loop, this tunnel was the last I visited so far. Certainly the most interesting one. I went there with Mr. Blue for the first time, and I am sure he wasn’t impressed with my sense of direction. I felt completely lost in there, kept asking if we are heading east or west, north or south :). And it was a very enjoyable trip, tunnel looks impressive, different sections.

Certainly more features comparing to Embankment one

Labyrinth of cables

Some famous signs

It feels very strange sometimes, walking under streets level. We could hear random pedestrians conversations, cars driving just above our heads. At some point it started raining. We didn’t even know until we saw this. Waterfall...Amazing.

I always liked coming back to places, that I’ve seen before. I always feel that I missed something, always find something new. I went back there after a few weeks with Mr. Purple and Mr. Mauve. It was another enjoyable night. We started it with rather comical entering the site, then drunk some beers and spent ages talking about the scene