warsaw cross City Tunnel

First time we visited it with Mr. White. I wasn't really expecting much from it, for me it was just some random railway tunnel. How mistaken I was! The place is really beautiful. We approached it from one end, walked towards the second station. I was amused by pretty arches, distinctive look of it. And its also lit up really well, green, white or red railway traffic lights only add more to it.

We didn't spend there long, we had other things planned for that night...

Some info: Diametrical tunnel in Warsaw - Railway tunnel with a total length of 2310 meters, connecting the three main railway stations: East, Central and Western. Inside the double tunnel run two tracks – a long-distance lines (from the north), and two lanes of SKM line. Opened in 1933 and electrified in 1936, it initially had two tracks, with an additional two added in 1949.

I couldn't wait to visit it again. So next time, when I visited Warsaw ( on my own this time) I took advantage of running down the tracks again. The night was really cold and windy ( -20 outside), and the tunnel turned out to be a perfect place to warm myself up. I managed to take quite a lot of photos of both tunnels.

SKM line.

Different colours of lights create tunnel's unique atmosphere.

Long distance line.

It took me some time to reach next station. I wanted to find a perfect place to hide and take some shots of the passing trains. As I was getting closer to Srodmiescie Station I could hear passengers voices that waited on the platform for the first train.

Of course I checked timetable before, and all I had to do now was to wait... I found one arch that wasn't lit up and spent sometime there sitting and waiting with my camera all set up. After a few minutes I heard a familiar noise. It was coming.What a unexpected close encounter! Completely forgot about that I am actually in Europe not UK, and train drove right next to me.

With the next one I was better prepared, unfortunately I knew that I can't really spend much time there ( the first train driver could have spotted me). So managed to take a few more shots.

And then I made my quick exit, walking down the tracks again.

After a few months I went there again with some friends. Tunnels looked better secured comparing to my last visit. New camera has been installed inside the tunnel on one end of it, and new infrared on the other. But still we managed to do it. The visit was quick, stayed there for two trains and then quickly left. Phone pic:

I am really glad that Mr. White made me going there the first night we visited it. The tunnel has many different features, looks really interesting, and gives a perfect opportunity to take pictures of the passing trains. And also its a pretty good spot to chill out and just watching them :). I am also looking forward to visit old railway bridge which is part of the system. Maybe next time...