Metropolitan Water Board Tunnel II

The second Metropolitan Water Board tunnel is much bigger than the one near Twickenham Bridge. It carries four water pipes, with two large shafts on both sides of the river. Explored during one rainy and cold night.

I wondered how it looks like since I visited the first one over a year before. And must say that the size surprised me. I was expecting something much smaller similar to MTB tunnel 1 or Thames Ditton gas one.

I haven’t seen any pictures of the tunnel before, apart from some old ones taken while it was under construction.

There were some signs of the recent works, new pipes installed apparently tunnel was flooded during the flood a few months back.

I was very happy when we finally managed to explore this one, over a year after the first one. Still surprising that nobody tried to see it before..

So that’s it for now. And I hope to post the second part of my under river adventures soon..