Anlage Mitte railway Shelter Jelen

Poland is one of those countries where you can find air raid shelters literally everywhere. Some of big cities are like swiss cheese, with bunkers, miles or tunnels or shelters running beneath the streets. Everytime I go to Poland I try to visit some of them. It seems to be a never ending story, enjoy the first part of it...

One of the most impressive Air Rais Shelters in Poland. First it was huge, it measures 355 metres and has the shape of a gently curving arch. And it’s hidden deeply in the woods. It took us some time to actually find the shelter itself although is pretty big. Nature made it nearly invisible, it looks like a hill covered in moss, hidden behind the trees...
Anlage Mitte Railway Shelter in Jelen is one of four railway shelters built in Poland during the Second World War.

Anlage Sud (English: Installation South)

was a pair of railway headquarters built for Adolf Hitler in southern Nazi-occupied part of Poland during the Second World War. Two reinforced tunnels were built near the rail line between Rzeszów to Jasło.Both 480-metre long railway tunnels at Stępina and Strzyżów were built by the Todt Organization using Polish slave labor from nearby concentration camps. The shelter were constructed to be 8.3 metres (27 ft) wide and 12 metres (39 ft) high with reinforced concrete walls 2 metres (6 ft 7 in) thick.The tunnels were surrounded by barracks, personnel bunkers, and watchtowers. Other buildings were used for operations, administration, and maintenance. Inside each bomb-proof tunnel, there was a rail track and a platform. The tunnel portals were protected by two-wing armoured doors with firing embrasures for the guards.

After the headquarters was completed in summer 1941, Hitler first visited on 27 August for a meeting with Mussolini. Both leaders arrived by train. Hitler's train (German: Fahrersonderzug)

Shelter plan:

Some of the pictures:

And Boiler Room

This one certainly made a huge impression on me. Its so unusual, looks untouched, still dry inside. It feels like time has stopped there. We stood for ages, admiring this massive, concrete structure, left forgotten somewhere deep in the woods...