Embankment Utility Tunnel

The second tunnel I visited in Ldn, not long after the Farringdon one. This time with Mr. Muscle. The tunnel has less features than the previous one, but still it was interesting to see it. And its so long, it felt like it never ends.

Some info: Started in 1862, the present embankment on the northern side of the river was primarily designed by Sir Joseph Bazalgette. It incorporates the main low level interceptor sewer from west London, and an underground railway over which a wide road and riverside walkway were also constructed, as well as a retaining wall along the north side of the River Thames. In total, Bazalgette’s scheme reclaimed 22 acres (89,000 m2) of land from the river.

Modern, concrete section:

The split:

Certainly the most impressive part – cables!!

And under the Boudiccan Rebellion: