Metropolitan Water Board Tunnel I

I visited this place twice, but only the second time I took some decent shots. I went there with Mr. Blue and Mr. Yellow. It was a very pleasant and relaxing visit. The tunnel itself is quite small and carries only one water pipe.

Some info: From research at Richmond Local Studies Department at Richmond Library the following was revealed: A tunnel was built by the Metropolitan Water Board which indeed passes under the Thames between the two shafts. A sketch drawing of this is kept at the Library and it shows the position of the shaft and towers. The records also reveal that it was built before Twickenham Bridge was constructed, as only the railway bridge is shown on the drawing. Twickenham Bridge was opened on 3rd July 1933. It it is not known at this stage whether one can now walk down the tunnel or whether it is used as a water main.

Although the tunnel is quite small and doesn’t really look different comparing to the other similar ones, it has one unique feature. A beautiful spiral staircase.

We spent there some time admiring it. You don’t get to see shafts like that often. Another one hidden gem from Surrey. A few pics: