Thames Ditton Maintenance Tunnel

It's always good to do something new, when it comes to exploration. The feeling, that you are entering the place not known before, is priceless. The Thames Ditton tunnel was certainly an adventure for us. The only lead we had, was a mushroom shaped vent shaft on one side of the river Thames.

And some information found online It's a tunnel containing a 24'' gas main and I have spent many hours down there inspecting the condition of the pipe! It was a few years ago, but I seem to remember that the entrance was alongside the old Maid Boats boatyard. Once you have entered into the building there is a long shaft which drops to the floor of the tunnel – a metal ‘fire escape' style staircase was in place. Once underneath the river (you can walk alongside the pipe) it is possible to hear the craft engines as they motor overhead.

I loved the fact that it was so close to Hampton Court, it's so pretty over there.

I've seen few under Thames utility tunnels before and this one was the shortest one for sure. It contains 24” gas main,

two nice shafts – Thames Ditton side

And Hampton Court

Unlucky for us it was partially flooded, we ended up walking barefoot in there which was pretty awful and cold...

I really enjoyed it. The feeling when we finally got in, this crazy excitement, that again we managed to check something hidden, and unknown before.