Farringddn utility tunnel

London has so many hidden, underground gems. Its like a whole, secret city that exist under streets, never ending adventure.

It was one of our first nights spent together in Ldn. At that time I never knew before where we suppose to go, what we want to check. It made my trips to Ldn even more exciting, like waiting for a present, a nice surprise, something unknown yet magical. Farringdon Utility tunnel was one of those sites, I had no idea what I’m about to see. It was also my first cable tunnel in Ldn. And I instantly fell in love with it. Million of bricks, labyrinth of cables, miles of pipes, it just looked amazing...

The split:

Some info here: Owing to the difference between the old and new levels, and to the three bridges on the line of the Viaduct, the subways necessarily vary in design at about every eighty feet of their length; they are carried over the London, Chatham, and Dover Railway by an iron construction; on both sides of Farringdon Street Bridge they are connected with the Farringdon Street level by vertical shafts, which terminate close to their entrances in Farringdon Street; at Shoe Lane they descend by shafts, and are carried beneath that street, and are there eight feet high and seven feet wide, formed with brick sides, stone floors, and iron coverings. The entrances to the subways at Farringdon Street are by large iron gates, eight feet wide, and varying from twelve feet to fifteen feet in height; in their rear are wooden doors, which can be closed as occasion may require. There are also entrances, closed by iron doors, with open gratings over them, in Shoe Lane; and at the eastern and western ends of the Viaduct there are openings, very similar in character to those ordinarily used over the entrances to the sewers, but larger, beneath which are flights of steps for the entry of workmen; means are also provided by which pipes of large size can be lowered into or taken out of the subways.

It was a very enjoyable trip, I spent most of the time following Mr. Black ( I have a really poor sense of direction, and would probably get lost within 10 minutes of being there)