pimlico district Heating undertaking

Ah Pimlico! Another night in Ldn and another adventure. We were aiming to check out steam tunnels, linking Battersea Power Station with Pimlico District.

Some info here: Pimlico District Heating Undertaking is a communal heating system for the Churchill Gardens Estate. It was constructed during the 1950’s when hot water was provided by the Battersea Power Station via a tunnel under the Thames. The tunnel itself is older than the PDHU. It was built by Metropolitan Water Board to run water mains back when the area occupied now by BPS was all water reservoirs. In 1980 Battersea Power Station closed down. A boiler house with heat-only boilers with an output of 30MWh was built on the site to ensure continuous heat supply. Initially coal fired, they were converted to gas in 1989.Around 2006 the system was redeveloped once more, the pump house was expanded and now all the heat is produced over there. The steam tunnel is disused nowadays although it’s still very much walkable.

The way in wasn’t easy, we tried different approaches before we finally made it. Then walking down the tunnels we didn’t expect to find them completely flooded :(

It was more than disappointing. We didn't know really what happened there, presumably the pumps stopped working, letting the tunnels slowly feel up with Thames water.

We walked back through small corridor.

I felt a bit sad after seeing what happened to the tunnel, but in the end seeing Pimlico District made up for a it a big time. The Pump House looks amazing there, everything is so clean and of course so industrial..

After spending some time down there we went to check out the tower with astonishing glass room and massive water tank ( that carries 2500 tonnes of water). Those pipes just look amazing!

After being to so many places in Ldn, I get the feeling that I forget where I was, how was it, what did we do there. Standing on the top of Pimlico Tower is one of my favourite, so precious memories,

Admiring the view – Battersea Power Station, Thames River, Churchill Garden blocks and finally who I was there with made this visit unforgettable.