LODZ Olechow east train depot air raid shelter

I’ve always known that there are some air raid shelters by Lodz Olechow East Train Depot in my hometown. When I was a teenager I used to spend hours watching trains there, but also made a few trips to nearby underground river Olechowka tunnels, where I got lost one day and spent two hours trying to find the entrance… Months ago I found a really interesting website about all air raid shelters in Lodz containing maps and photographs. I would like to thank the website owner for helping me with info regarding the sites.

I cycled to train depot on one hot and sunny morning. Quickly realised that everything changed there, and I can’t remember the way to the station. After cycling around in the woods for some time I had to stop one guy who was cycling past and ask him for the directions. I must look really lost, cause after the short conversation he just asked me to follow him to the station. Then he also offered me some of his really sweet tea – because of course I had to leave my water at home… Finally I got to the train depot, moved to the abandoned part of it and started looking for the bunkers. I must say that it took me ages to find all of them. And sadly while writing this report I realised that I completely missed one, so will have to go back there again at some point..

All air raid shelters were built for Germans by Jewish workers during the World War II.

On with the pictures:

1. Loading Bay Air Raid Shelter

Air raid shelter was built between 1942 and 1943. This is one of the smallest air raid shelters there, shaped like the letter I. It has one stepped entrance and fire escape ladder. The shelter was equipped with a two gas-tight, armored steel doors and wooden toilet.

2. Bahnschutzpolizei (Police station) Air Raid Shelter

The shelter was built in 1942 or 1943 and is the largest of its kind in the area. It has two stepped entrances and was the only one equipped with telephones. The shelter was equipped with 4 gas-tight armored steel doors. In total it has 7 rooms, 2 long chamber shelters, two air tight rooms, technical room with electricity and telephone switchboard, toilet.

3. Radio broadcasting Air Raid Shelter

Also built between 1942 and 1943. Now locked.

4. Underground tunnel Air Raid Shelter.

Built between 1943 and 1944, under the rail track.