tower subway

In over a year time I managed to visit some of Thames under river crossings. I must say that I find the fact that you you walk under the river very exciting. Old rusty tunnels, pipes and cables, all in different sizes and variations only makes it more interesting. I still have some on my list, apparently there are more than 20 tubes of various kinds under the Thames. Here is my little collection.

It was the first tunnel I visited in Ldn. Originally I meant to go there with someone else, but somehow I ended up visiting it with Mr. Muscle and his friend.

The Tower Subway is a tunnel, dug in 1869, beneath the River Thames in central London, close to the Tower of London. Its alignment runs between Tower Hill on the north side of the river and Vine Lane (off Tooley Street) to the south. Its innovative method of construction provided the template for the construction in 1890 of the City & South London Railway, the first of London's "Tube" railways.

After seeing some drawings online, I was shocked how small it was. Of course pipes weren;' there in pedestrian period, but still walking through, must have been quite claustrophobic. Sadly there is no lights in the tunnel either, and with my poor photography skills back then, I ended up with just a few good shots.

The modern concrete bit:

Turn between a concrete section and original Tower Subway:

Rusty Tower Subway Tube,still with original tiles on the floor.

Unfortunately I didn't take any decent shots of the shafts. Well it means that I have another reason to come back there at some point and admire it again.