Rotherhithe Maintenance Tunnel

It was the second under Thames tunnel I visited. This time a maintenance one, running under Rotherhithe Tunnel. We went there, after checking our usual stuff in Ldn. It was a very pleasant, relaxed trip..

Some info about Rotherhithe tunnel: The Rotherhithe Tunnel passes beneath the River Thames joining Rotherhithe in South London with Shadwell in East London. Built by Sir Maurice Fitzmaurice between 1904 and 1908, the 4860 foot long tunnel was designed for the use of road vehicles, and remains the largest iron-lined subaqueous tunnel in the world.

I really liked this one, looks different to the ones I’ve seen before, quite low and wide.

And also very clean.. There were some fire extinguishers covered in old hi-vis which freaked me out a bit, they looked like a tiny maintenance workers from the distance, well creepy.

One of the exit shafts

Every time after I go to the places like that I always spend ages trying to find more information online. I personally find history of the Rotherhithe Tunnel amusing, how it was design and then built. And of course old photographs. Love it!

Here is some pics from the tunnel itself, taken on one Monday during the maintenance hours.