My Barbican

I love Barbican. This place has so much to offer :) It’s a perfect example of brutalist architecture, an amazing concrete landmark.

As far as I remember I always liked all sort of concrete buildings, their rough and cold appearance. Maybe its because my home town landscape is dominated by these sad, grey and ugly – beauties. Or maybe its all about their association with social, utopian ideology.

But the most important for me is that I feel such a sentimental attachment to this place… I spent there hours, exploring tunnels or climbing the towers. I even went there to do a bit of rope training.

And the most important for me, Barbican tunnels were the first place I explored with Mr. Black…I was really stressed that night, I think mostly because I wanted to make a good impression, and maybe meet up again. Certainly it was the night I will never forget...

Most of shots, I took that night, are not brilliant or even good, I had a new camera and didn’t really know how to use it.

I could spend there ages, wandering around admiring their beauty... different shapes, colours.

Everything looked so unique, every time I went there I always felt like seeing soemthing new, something I missed before.

A few weeks after the first visit, we came back to climb one of the towers. And it was so cold and windy that night. But still, standing there, admiring the view, was one of these moments I will always remember...

So this is my Barbican, labyrinth of tunnels, epic towers, still hiding secrets, still not fully discovered. I love it...