Silvermere air raid shelter

Just a small one in Surrey area, still worth mentioning.

This air raid shelter is thought to have protected the workers at a WW2 dispersed production site, Foxwarren, for Vickers-Armstrongs at the nearby Brooklands, Surrey.The site also has associations with the bouncing bomb, (which was developed at what is now Brooklands College), the Viking, Valiant and V1000 prototypes as it remained in use until the mid 1950s.

Some pics:

and nearby Weybridge Barrage Balloon Depot

954 Squadron RAufAX and was used for operating the balloons brought in after Eprosbungruppe 210 bombed Brooklands on the 4 September 1940. The balloons were listed as operational by 22.00 hours on 6 September 1940 and the informative balloon barrage site (bbrclub.org) lists Weybridge as having 21 balloons. Each requiring a crew of around 7 to 12 men. A Fordson tractor for each balloon and hangarage, repair and accommodation would be required. 954 Squadron appear to have been a stand alone unit responsible for the defence of Brooklands