highbury and islington disused station

After several nights spent on driving to Ldn and checking out the access, we finally got inside. Apart form abandoned in 70ís station we also checked out the shaft that leads to the Victoria Line tracks.


The second station, on the opposite side of Holloway Road was opened on 28 June 1904 by the Great Northern & City Railway GN&CR on its underground line, between Finsbury Park and Moorgate. This line and stations were operated by the Metropolitan Railway and its successors from 1913 until 1975 when the line, by then called the Northern City Line, was transferred to British Rail. The route is now operated by Great Northern. Trains do not currently serve the Northern City Line in the late evening or at weekends, running instead to London Kingís Cross.

The NLR station was damaged by a V-1 flying bomb on 27 June 1944, however, its main building remained in use until it was demolished in the 1960s during the building of the Victoria line. The original westbound platform buildings remain, as does a small part of the original entrance to the left of the present station entrance.

External photo found on guerrilla exploring

Iíve never felt that close to the station, hearing passengers voices down below on the platform, coming and going trains. We stayed alert for most of the time, first exploring the abandoned station

Corridor and shafts

Toilets with original, a 100 years old tiling


And the rest

And tracks again, it felt surreal to be so close to the trains and platforms.