Summer nights in Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful capitols in Europe. After two crazy nights spent in Sofia and Bucharest I was already exhausted but still looking forward to some new adventures. I met up with Mr Blue and we hit the city straight after. We had no info regarding the system there, but still managed to see parts of three different metro lines (green, yellow and red).

Pražské metro info:

The Prague Metro is the rapid transit network of Prague, Czech Republic. Founded in 1974, the Prague Metro now comprises three lines, serving 57 stations, and consists of a transit network 57.4 kilometres (35.7 mi) long. It served 589.2 million passengers in 2012 (up from 530.5 million passengers in 2011), making it the fifth busiest metro system in Europe and the most used in the world on a per capita basis.The Prague Metro system is laid out as a triangle, with all three lines meeting in the centre of the city at three interchange stations. Each interchange station has two halls, one hall for each line. The depth of the stations (and the connecting lines) varies considerably. The deepest station is Náměstí Míru, located 52 meters under the ground. Parts of the tracks in the city centre were mostly bored using the tunneling shields. Outer parts were dug by the cut-and-cover method and the stations are only a few metres under the surface. Part of Line B runs in a glassed-in tunnel above the ground. Most stations have a single island platform in the centre of the station hall (tunnel) serving both directions. The sub-surface stations have a straight ceiling sometimes supported by columns. The deep-level stations are larger tunnels with the track tunnels on each side. The walls of many stations are decorated using coloured aluminium panels; each station has its own colour.

Prague metro stations are amazing, they offer such a variety of architectural styles old marble, retro style also pop art and very modern look.

Castle look alike vent shaft:

It was one of the greatest adventure this summer. Two nights full of adrenaline and running inside the tunnels:

The one, when we were sure about being seen by the driver:

A few more:

We got nearly caught near one of the stations. While hiding in one of the safety alcove we heard an angry voice shouting something in Czech. We understood one word – police and it was enough to make a quick exit. Still it didn’t stop us trying to see more of the tunnels.

One of the blast doors seen from the platform:

We did a bit of the overground trains section just by the main station Praha Hlavni Nadrazi.

And walked along the tracks next day.

Our hostel was right next to The Žižkov Television Tower, we could resits a trip up there.

Thanks Mr Blue for unforgettable memories. I hope I will visit Prague again at some point, this place has so much to offer..