One Hot Night in Bucharest Metroul Tunnels

Itís been ages since I traveled to Bucharest for the last time. I guess it was over 10 years. City has changed a lot since then, becoming one of the prettiest capitols in Europe, buzzing with positive energy. I arrived around midday ( after 45 minutes on the smallest plane I ever flown with ). It took me some time to find a hostel I booked myself in, by the way Ė a really good one, right in the centre of the city, with a beautiful view. Soon after I arrived at the hostel, my crazy night has started..

Bucharest Metro is not very popular with the explorers. There are hardly any pictures of the tunnels online, the fact that this city actually has its own metro system was a surprise for some of my friends. The system itself is very unique. Iíve never seen tunnels that wide, and trains so spacious.

Here is some info:

The Bucharest Metro (Romanian: Metroul Bucure?ti) is a rapid transit system that serves the capital of Romania, Bucharest. It first opened for service on 19 November 1979. The network is run by Metrorex. It is one of the most accessed systems of the Bucharest public transport network, with an average of approximately 600,000 passenger trips per weekday. In total, the network is 69.25 kilometres (43.0 mi) long and has 51 stations.

The network was not built in the same style as other Eastern European systems.Firstly, the design of the stations on the initial lines was simple, clean-cut modern, without excessive additions such as mosaics, awkward lighting sources or excessive decoration. The main function of the stations was speed of transit and practicality. Secondly, the trainsets themselves were all constructed in Romania and did not follow the Eastern European style of construction.

The night was utterly crazy. Tunnels, trains more tunnels and more trains.

The size of Bucharest Metro tunnels is just astonishing. I was also lucky to see some old trains there, they will disappear soon. And a great spent with a great people and trains..

After a few, full of adrenaline hours, we needed to chill out for a bit. We spent rest of the night, chatting and drinking some really nice Romanian beers. Then somehow I managed again to find my hostel.

Next morning after trying some of Romanian, delicious food, I spent ages on the trains traveling from one station to the other, taking some more relaxing shots.

Old Trains

New train

Bucharest is one of these places, with a beautiful metro systems that I canít wait to visit again. Thank you guys for a very special night!

And one by my friend: