Sofia Metro System

I felt more and more stressed when it was getting closer to my trip to Sofia. First – I was on my own, second – Sofia’s metro system is well known as a hard one to do. There is hardly any pictures of the tunnels online. I can’t say now that I did any research, also I had no contacts in Sofia I could ask for any tips. It looks similar to Warsaw Metro ( both systems were built in similar time – 90’s) and as well secured...

Some info:

The Sofia Metropolitan (Bulgarian: ???????? ?????, translit. Sofiysko metro) is the rapid transit network servicing the Bulgarian capital city Sofia. It began operation on January 28, 1998.As of 31 August 2012, the Sofia Metro consisted of two interconnected lines, serving 27 stations, with a total route length of 31 kilometres (19 mi) being the 34th most extensive European metro system behind Amsterdam Metro and ahead of Budapest Metro. The Metro links the highly populated districts of Lyuvin – Mladost (Line 1 – Red) and Nadezdha – Lozenets (Line 2 – Blue).

After 8 hours coach trip I finally arrived to capitol. I didn’t have much time to spend there – had to catch a plane to Bucharest early next morning. My plan was – depot and tunnels. And somehow I managed to do both...

Depot – hit and run.

I went to check the place as soon as I arrived to Sofia. It didn’t look promising at all. After a few hours ( and already being successful with some tunnels) I came back and managed to get inside. And literally took 3 pictures – all with my phone. But for me they are priceless...

And this one – just before I run, workers didn’t spot me at all, how lucky I was!

I was so full of adrenaline when I left ( dogs didn’t chase me but I could hear them barking pretty loud ), so I tried to get into more tunnels straight after.

Sofia Metro

Most of the tunnels in Sofia are zero clearance ones. The whole system is well secured and busy. I basically had a few hours to try and take some pictures of it. And somehow I managed to...

Line 1 (Red)

Line 1 (after hours) – engineering train.

Line 2 (Blue)

And a very special part of the story – some pics from the cabin – Line 1 (Red) towards Mladost 3 station (taken by phone…)

I didn’t sleep that night at all, I had no place to sleep ( tried to take a nap at the main bus station, but it didn’t work) and I was just too worried that I would miss my plane to Bucharest. I was so proud of myself, spent just a few hours in Sofia and managed to do a lot, considering the fact that it was my first visit there, and I had no idea what to expect. And I have to agree, its a hard place to explore and very well secured

And a few more (relaxing) pics – stations etc: